I have never believed that style can be bought by mindlessly paying top dollar for whatever trends are being trumpeted most loudly at the moment. Instead, over 15 years of professional experience (and for many years prior) I have stayed two steps ahead-- usually without any real conviction that I was "ahead" of anything at all-- by seeing value and beauty in unlikely places.  Line, color, grace, charm, humor and comfort: the one thing I know about myself is that I can sense for these values and intuit their relevance in a way that is prescient and inspired, season after season, year after year.

My fashion industry experience includes editorial work, international advertising campaigns, Mercedes Benz fashion shows and celebrity red carpet appearances.  I am a go-to stylist in the New York media world.  I help women and men at every stage of their lives: weddings, weight changes, closet cleanses, teenage lifelines, pre and post-natal, post-divorce reboots, vacation wardrobing, and midlife and professional makeovers.

As a client, you will find that I am respectful of your time, budget, body type and personality.  I will breathe new life into what you have within arm's reach, help you let go of what's cluttering your life, and bring you fresh ideas and looks at any price point.  Far from pushing you to spend more, I actually thrive on constraints.  

Clothes are not the most important thing in life.  But I do believe that what you wear and how you wear it are a form of self-expression that impacts how you perceive yourself and how you are perceived by the people in your life.  I believe that tremendous happiness can flow from aligning your wardrobe with the best parts of you.  This belief is what drives me.  I view my relationship with each of my clients as a collaboration and I continue to find inspiration and joy what I do.  

Some of the services I offer:

  • Closet cleansing, editing and streamlining.
  • Putting your existing pieces together in fresh new ways
  • Rounding out your wardrobe with the essential staples you’re missing
  • Identifying the right clothes for your particular body type and lifestyle
  • Shopping and packing for your upcoming vacation or special event