A personalized closet edit gives me a chance to analyze your current wardrobe, identify key pieces you may be missing and help get a sense of who you are. I will be able to give you a better understanding of how to work with what you already have and build a solid foundation to work with for your future purchases. Closet edits give you the opportunity to purge and mend whatever pieces need attention and we will organize your closet to make it work for you. If you find pairing pieces in your closet challenging we will spend time creating great looks which will photographed and sent to you for inspiration. Together we will compile a list of pieces you are missing and create a wish list to guide your future shopping.


A customized, expedited, painless way to shop! Based on your individual needs and style goals I will create an itinerary to shop throughout NYC. I will pre shop for you - meaning all the pieces that I think will best suit you will be set aside in your sizes waiting for you to arrive. Together we can create your best looks and I can advise on how to incorporate your new pieces into your existing wardrobe.


Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of finding time to shop? I will bring the market to you. We will meet briefly beforehand to asses what you need and determine your budget and sizes. I will bring pieces to you where you can try them on in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It really is that easy!


Even people who have lived their entire lives in NYC discover incredible places to shop throughout every corner of this city. Completely tailored to your goals, we could visit the most popular shopping areas in NYC or explore some of the best kept secrets in hidden corners of Brooklyn, it is all up to you! Email me to build your personalized tour itinerary and discuss tour rates.



Packages available, please email me to inquire about rates!